3:30PM Mountain Standard Time

Members present: Kelly Barsanti, Ben Johnson, Brad Klotz, Carol Ruchti, Holger Vömel, Olga Wilhelmi

Scientist representative on NCAR-EC

NCAR-EC meets 1-2 times per month. An NSA representative on the NCAR-EC is not being supported at this time. NSA continues to want more engagement with EC. There was discussion about how best to do this. There may be effective ways beyond having a representative on EC. For example, identifying specific topics that we can bring to the EC. 

Action item: Draft a follow up to Glen’s email regarding the NSA representative to express our interest in some level of participation, even if not a full member. Considerations (we would like): to open the channel of communication, to have someone  present for relevant discussions, to be able to bring important issues to the EC, to maximize efficacy, and lower existing barriers for both NCAR EC and NSA. Item was not assigned to any one person.

Action Item Updates

1. Budget for NCAR Scientists’ Annual Meeting

Budget completed. $8-$12 K for a meeting with catering, beverages & AV support.

Discussion about funding opportunities, including submission to PSIF. 

2. Request from Lab Directors

Add $2000 amount to letter. Discussion on whether to send to all LDs at the same time (same email) or to send to each LD by lab representatives. Support for the latter with inclusion of language in email that the same request was sent to all LDs. 

(on hold) Action item: Ben will send an email to all NSA representatives asking for their approval of customizing the letter and sending out to their own directors. The requests to the LDs should be coordinated. 

Further discussion on whether the PSIF was the best funding mechanism given the formal requirements and time to decision. Maybe we can use Ben’s letter as the starting point for our request to the director’s office. Kelley offered to write the next draft.

3. Finding a new time slot for NSA-EC meeting

Action item: Ben will send out a scheduling poll. Focus is on the 3rd week of the month, possibly Mondays.