Connecting Scientists

The NSF NCAR Scientists’ Assembly exists to foster a community of mutual respect and cooperation within NSF NCAR and UCAR, to facilitate effective scientist participation in the management of NSF NCAR, to facilitate scientific interaction across NSF NCAR and UCAR, to enhance communication in matters of concern to NSF NCAR scientists and management, to engage NSF NCAR scientists’ skills in the guidance of NSF NCAR’s programs, and to advise NSF NCAR management and UCAR governance concerning scientific policy and related matters affecting the institution.

Smoke column on the 2020 Troublesome Fire in Colorado. Photo credit BLM. Public domain.

Our Membership

For All NSF NCAR Scientists

All members of the NSF NCAR scientific staff (Scientists, Associate Scientists, Project Scientists, Machine Learning Scientists, Associate Data Scientists, Post-Docs, and Visiting Scientists) and research engineering staff are members of the NCAR Scientists’ Assembly. To manage your membership settings, visit the mailman subscription page.

Telling Our Stories

The Scientists’ Journal

NSF NCAR’s history is rich with examples of breakthrough contributions from scientists and engineering staff. The Scientists’ Journal seeks to publish our stories and foster a shared sense of purpose among scientists across generations.

Signing the contract for the CRAY-1A computer. Photo credit UCAR.

Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities

The NSA Executive Committee consists of two scientists from each NSF NCAR laboratory and the two co-chairs of the Early Career Scientists’ Assembly. Currently there is a vacant representative position in CGD. Contact your representatives on the Executive Committee if you wish to serve.

Share Your Story

Contribute to the Journal

The Scientists’ Journal appreciates article contributions from NSF NCAR staff. Upcoming issues of the Scientists’ Journal will focus on wildfire research, data assimilation and solar eclipses. Contact your representatives on the Executive Committee to contribute to the journal.