3:30PM Mountain Daylight Time

Members present: Andy Newman, Kevin Pham, Allison Baker, Kelley Barsanti, Eric Apel, Peter Lawrence, Ben Johnson, Carol Ruchti

Welcome and recap of recent meetings

Over the past month the NSA-EC had ongoing discussion of how to move forward with a new chair/co-chairs, obtaining new members, and how we will redefine our core efforts and staff engagement ideas.

Possible NSA-EC chair advertisement to NSA

The NSA-EC will discuss internal candidates first, and refrain from advertising the chair position widely until we can obtain a clearer vision and possible salary support. If the job ad is posted, the NSA-EC will make additional modifications to include specific requirements (e.g., hybrid or in-person work schedule) and convey the current excellent opportunity to move the NSA forward.

Funding proposal to DO for NSA activities and reinvigoration of NSA

There was a consensus that the NSA and ECSA-SC will begin planning to submit a joint funding proposal to the NCAR Director’s Office.  This will outline specific tangible outcomes, estimated time of effort, budget, and if awarded help people dedicate time to NSA activities. This is a critical early step to help reenergize the NSA and ECSA.

Transfer of administrative tasks from Andy

Andy will transfer the calendar invitation and other items as needed over the next few weeks. He will request changes to the NSA mailing list moderators, NSA-EC email alias, and Sundog webpage.