3:30PM Mountain Daylight Time

Members present: Carol Ruchti, Allison Baker, Peter Sullivan, Ben Johnson, Dan Amrhein, Kelley Barsanti

New website

NSA unveiled a new website at https://nsa.ucar.edu. Website is made in accordance with the Office of Information Security guidelines. It is managed using the open source WordPress platform and any NSA member can be granted access to add or edit content.

NSA-wide email

The NSA chair position will become vacant at the end of September with Andy Newman stepping down as chair after 4 years of service. Discussed crafting an email to send out to the entire NSA to solicit volunteers for open positions for representatives and chair.

Chair responsibilities

The NSA chair comes with many responsibilities. Discussed strategies to trim down the tasks by delegating certain responsibilities to other members of the NSA-EC. Makes the most sense to have a primary point of contact in the chair. If activities increase with time then we can have a more formal system of distributing communication.

NSA Annual Meeting

Discussed various opinions with respect to the possibility of having a Scientists’ Assembly Annual Meeting. The reactions were varied. MMM has two seminars a week, so there might not be strong enthusiasm for another meeting. Early career scientists feel disconnected from the other labs and thus were more in support of center-wide meeting about science. The event could be low-key, repurposing a lot of content from AGU and AMS. Decided to put a survey link in the upcoming newsletter to poll scientists about what they would like to see. Poster session, lectures, lightning talks, town hall, plenary or parallel format?

Action items

  • Draft of NSA-wide email advertising open positions
  • Draft of proposal to Glen to fund the Annual Meeting
  • Add items to upcoming Special Topics meeting agenda